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Besttec offers manufacturers of label stock both standard as well as custom developed adhesives suitable for nearly every application within a wide adhesion range - such as permanent, removable and deep-freezer labels. These products consist of 100 % environmentally friendly solid ingredients. The product range consists of hotmelt pressure-sensitive adhesives based on thermo-plastic rubber, UV-curable hotmelt pressure-sensitive adhesives based on acrylics and also UV-polymerizing printable pressure-sensitive adhesives based on acrylics which are liquid at room temperature. A special product range is available for medical tapes (see Besttec Products for Medical Applications.)

With such a vast variety of self-adhesive products and constructions possible, Besttec not only manufactures the adhesives above but also offers extensive support: longstanding knowledge and experience in developing self-adhesive products:

  • individual adhesive solutions possible, to meet exact customer requirements
  • qualified advice on application techniques, to allow selection of the optimum product for each application
  • modern technical department and laboratory with different coating and curing devices

We invite you to profit from this offer which is unique in Europe and enables you to meet your specific requirements in a fast, competent and cost effective way, thus ensuring your company's success for the future 
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